Here’s What You Should Know About “Outie” Vaginas

You’re about to access information on another website. Just a quick heads up—we’re not responsible for verifying or maintaining information outside of this website. Well, that’s about to change right here, right now! Only with a frank discussion about that wondrous part of your body can we begin to ensure that she stays as healthy as she can be. So, here we go. Let’s talk about your va-jay-jay, lady garden, privates, or whatever you may call her. Truth is, no fancy name can really do her justice. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to understand what and where your vagina is. Many people say vagina when they’re referring to a woman’s external genitalia, but this area is actually the vulva. The vulva and the outer and inner labia form the entrance.

Medievalists excited at parchment fragment of ‘vagina monologue’

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Find in Austrian abbey dates poem to years earlier than previously thought.

Pediatricians start talking about sexual behaviors , birth control, and ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections STIs at about the year-old checkup. They can provide or prescribe contraception in the office or give referrals to other resources in the community. Long-acting reversible contraceptives LARCs are the most effective contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. There are two kinds of LARCs. They are the intrauterine device IUD and the subdermal implant.

That’s why adolescents who use LARCs, must also use a condom or other type of barrier protection during sexual activity to prevent infections. What It Is: A thin, flexible plastic implant that contains a hormone called etonogestrel. The implant is about the size of a matchstick. It is placed under the skin subdermal of the upper arm.

Vagina loquens

Articles in the December issue discuss various health issues affecting school-aged children, including acne, eczema and growth disorders. Volume 44, No. Vulvodynia is a chronic vulvar pain condition.

Many women till date refrain from talking or sharing tips on how to maintain feminine hygiene. However, it is important to know about vaginal.

How we see the world shapes who we choose to be — and sharing compelling experiences can frame the way we treat each other, for the better. This is a powerful perspective. We both begin to breathe together, one large inhale, one exhale. I close my eyes and try to relax. I will them to loosen up. But once again, my body acts as a barricade during sex.

My vaginal muscles are strong and determined to prevent anything from entering my body. Having anything try to go inside me during sex was like hitting a wall, physically and often emotionally. Some women experience an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles called vaginismus. The pelvic floor muscles tighten so much that an object has difficulty entering. Eventually, during sex, my body began to anticipate the pain of penetration. My anticipation made the experience even worse, my body clenching before intercourse was even attempted.

Women who have vaginismus often experience stress, anxiety, panic, and depression, since sex — and not having penetrative sex — can become consuming worries. Vaginismus is treatable.

7 Facts Women (And Men) Should Know About the Vagina

To support our nonprofit science journalism, please make a tax-deductible gift today. Eye of the beholder? An engraving of what might be female genitalia inset from France’s Abri Castanet clocks in at 37, years, at least as old as the famous Chauvet Cave.

Genital Warts? Genital warts are warts that are on or near the vagina or penis (​the genitals). the vulva, vagina, cervix, or anus in females; the penis, scrotum, or anus in males. Genital warts R. Miller, MD. Date reviewed: December

Female masturbation is often seen as a taboo subject. Despite research showing that women masturbate as frequently as men, it’s still not a topic that all females openly discuss. The Swedes have even created a new term for female masturbation in an attempt to stop women from being put off talking about the topic by the usual male-associated words. We spoke to women about their own experiences of masturbation and got some expert tips on how to make things work for you, including from Strawberry Siren, former Miss Burlesque Australia and the creator of the Pussy Play Masterclass, a workshop on the art of playing with yourself.

Understanding the different bits of your body is the first step towards successful stimulation. My advice would be to explore, get to know what things feel like, and if it feels good, keep going! To help us on our quest to become more familiar with our anatomy, Lisa has provided us with simple, straightforward definitions for some of our bodily bits from her book Love Your Lady Landscape.

It includes the clitoris, labia lips, urethra and entrance to the vagina, and its opening is almond shaped. It’s the only organ of the body with the sole function of providing pleasure.

Periods: A Brief History

Cancer that starts in the vagina is called primary vaginal cancer. Primary vaginal cancer is rare. More commonly, cancer cells in the vagina are from cancer that started somewhere else, such as the cervix.

Jess Greenash has a “large vulva” and says her labia is “a lot longer than anybody else’s that I’ve seen”. She struggles to fit into size 10 jeans because, she​.

The vagina loquens , or “talking vagina”, is a significant tradition in literature and art, dating back to the ancient folklore motif of the “talking cunt”. Talking vaginas are an early theme in French literature , most notably in the 13th-century fabliau Le Chevalier qui faisoit parler les cons et les culs [1] and in Les bijoux indiscrets , the first novel by Denis Diderot. Published anonymously in , Les bijoux indiscrets The Indiscreet Jewels is an allegory that portrays Louis XV as the sultan Mangogul of the Congo who owns a magic ring that makes women’s genitals “jewels” talk.

A comparable trope that Diderot must have known is found in the ribald fabliau. In American literature, a talking vagina is featured in the Ozark folktale The Magic Walking Stick , [1] in which vaginas are made to act as informants. The talking vagina theme is the central trope of The Vagina Monologues. In modern art the talking vagina theme is featured prominently in the works of Stephanie Sarley in a subset of her “Crotch Monster” series.

The talking vagina characters are depicted as anthropomorphized vulvae reacting emotionally and engaging in various activities. In film, the pornographic movies Le Sexe qui parle and its sequel , and its non-pornographic remake, Chatterbox , [5] feature talking vaginas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unprintable Ozark Folksongs and Folklore: Blow the candle out. University of Arkansas Press. Organs without bodies: Deleuze and consequences. Definition Of.

Why I Sometimes Wear My Vaginal Juice As Perfume

Genital warts are warts that are on or near the vagina or penis the genitals. Genital warts are usually a sexually transmitted disease STD. They’re caused by HPV human papillomavirus. HPV also can cause some types of cancer.

Vaginitis is the general term for disorders of the vagina caused by infection, inflammation, or changes in the normal vaginal flora. Symptoms.

Yes, reports Kate Connolly at The Guardian , the poem is actually a dialogue between a woman and her vulva, discussing which of them men are more attracted to. The fragment is a long thin strip of parchment on which a few letters per line are visible, according to a press release from the Austria’s Academy of Sciences. The parchment on which the poem was written was cut up and reused as binding in a Latin theological text. The earlier date for the poem helps push back the timeline for Medieval erotic poetry and suggests openness about sexuality appeared in the German speaking world earlier than previously thought.

The tale of the loquacious genitalia begins with a male narrator who shares how he first came across a young woman arguing with her vulva during her daily soak in rosewater. The dialogue between the two is witty, and the woman contends that men are primarily attracted to her looks. The vulva contends the young woman puts too much emphasis on her appearance.

The two decide to go their separate ways, to disastrous result. Ultimately, they realize they must reunite.

Here’s What Happens When You Send 40 Unsuspecting Guys a Preemptive V-Pic

Though lichens vary widely in color and form, most often seen are the white crusty varieties that colonize the surface of trees, rocks and barren soil. A related disorder, lichen planus, more often affects the skin and inside of the mouth but can also affect genital membranes, where it can be more challenging to treat than lichen sclerosus. Lichen planus generally has broader targets, but an erosive form can affect the anal-genital region and other body parts and be as destructive as lichen sclerosus.

In addition to pain, both conditions can cause intense itching that, lacking an accurate diagnosis, patients may mistreat with creams and other substances that only make matters worse. Doctors, too, may mistake the problem for a yeast infection and prescribe the wrong treatment. Furthermore, people rarely talk freely about diseases that attack the vulva or penis, even to their doctors, which delays a correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

Conditions that can result in chronic vulvar pain (provoked and unprovoked) has up-to-date and comprehensive information for women and their partners, and​.

Jump to navigation. We live in Houston, where the weather often seems brutally hot year-round. Nobody particularly loves feeling sweaty and sticky all over, but the bottom line is that heat, or any change in season, will not affect gynecological health or cause changes to the vagina. The vagina is an internal organ of the female body, and, therefore, its temperature is regulated just like the internal temperature of the body.

Be careful when it comes to grooming. During the summer, women tend to frequently remove pubic hair. Depending on your method for removal, grooming can lead to ingrown hairs, uncomfortable razor burn and infections of the hair follicles, or folliculitis. Grooming can also lead to skin injuries including burns from hot wax, cuts from shaving and even micro-abrasions that are naked to the eye, all of which can become infected and increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs including human papilloma virus HPV and molluscum contagiosum.

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Despite the displays of female sexuality on the Internet, and scantily clad pop stars and models, the word vagina seems to remain taboo. In fact, myths and misinformation seem to surround the vagina. It can’t.

Tight, wet clothing might lead to external irritation of the vulva or labia from rubbing/chafing, but this is very different from vaginal inflammation and infection. The.

She moved closer, nudgedmy face with her chin and resumed her place at the nook of my neck. I turned to see Deshawn, Stephanie and Courtney staringat us with their mouths open. Ten minutes later we stood at the valet deskand waited for my carto pull up. Courtney turned toward me with the biggest smile. And why not have an extra lil boost?

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Experiment: Love Potion Number Vagine. Question: If you make the scent of your vaginal fluids prominent by applying it to your pressure points , will it make you more attractive to those in your immediate vicinity? Hypothesis: If copulins [chemicals secreted by the vagina] are used as perfume, then it will attract anyone traditionally attracted to women with vulvas.

Localised provoked vestibulodynia (vulvodynia): assessment and management

Vulvodynia, or pain in the vulva, is a chronic condition characterized by burning, stinging and stabbing sensations. Vulvodynia occurs in women of all ages, including adolescents, and is prevalent in women of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Research studies find that as many as 16 percent of women in the U. The highest incidence of symptom onset is between the ages of 18 and

To date, clinical research on vaginal atrophy has focused primarily on measuring the effects of estrogen deprivation on physical signs of atrophy and.

But before we get into it, let the record show that, as Dr. And every vulva is normal! The vulva is the outer bits of your genitals: the pubic mouth, inner labia, outer labia, the love-to-be-rubbed clit, and the urethra. Basically, any vulva where you can see the inner lips without physically spreading the outer lips with your fingers.

So no two outies are the same. Some people with outies have curved horseshoe-shaped outer lips that leave the inner labia exposed in the middle. There can also be differences in the width, length, symmetry, color, smell, and hair patterns on the lips of folks with outies that make them look different. While less than 50 percent of vulva-owners have innies — Dr. McDevitt says about 44 percent do — this is the type of vulva most commonly seen in adult entertainment.

Just as no two outies look alike, no two innies are the exact same, either. There can be variations in labia width, length, and color. Some people with innies have small, closed outer lips that conceal and contain the inner lips completely, while others have outer lips that are long, dangling down past the inner lips and sometimes outside of their underwear.

Raise your hand if you learned about how many variations of normal labia there are in sex ed.

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