”Excused” on BIG CBS LOVE, A new reality dating show is all set to hit Indian Television screens

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Excused is an American dating reality-based competition series that debuted in first-run syndication in the United States and Canada on September 12, On April 19, , CBS Television Distribution announced that Excused would be renewed for a second season, which began on September 10, , but it would also be its last as the series ended its run in September after episodes. The series utilizes a house in the Los Angeles County city of Encino as its setting for this program.

In the first round, two contestants either two males or two females; for the second season, episodes in which male contestants choose female suitors are less commonly seen are introduced and are asked by host Shlesinger about what they look for in a mate.

Most of our favorite network TV shows had to stop filming before their seasons lows of cancellation, and has already seen its fair share of shows fail to and many assumed this would mean the end to the reality show that focused on.

Singles looking for love try to win dates before being eliminated from contention. A lady’s confession earns a standing ovation from the men. A so-called party girl and a belly dancer are among the contestants. A girl gets upset when her date beats her at thumb wrestling. A girl looks for a guy who loves baseball, owns a big truck and looks good in blue jeans. A cheerleading coach makes her date shake pompoms and do a cartwheel.

The ladies choose between a chatty guy and a Southern gentleman. A girl who can read palms predicts who will get excused. A woman obsessed with vampires is among the contestants. Women looking for mature guys are among the contestants. A woman who loves video games, beer and sports is among the contestants. A guy is caught lying about being a pilot.

A rude guy and a man with tattoos and piercings are among the contestants.

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There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. Blind Date came up with so many random people, it was actually quite hilarious and amazing to watch the horrible characters of people emerge, especially as they got drunk, but maybe that caused lawsuits. I wont even compare it to Cheaters, which is truly engaging, but also setup. This one is real low budget, and seems to be transparently set up, in that there is very little attempt to create the impression of a reality show.

Finally, the SEC’s game conference schedule release raised the question should Big 10 set to cancel their fall season, will others follow?

Starting December 12th, get ready for a show filled with jaw-dropping pick-up lines, outrageous ‘expectations’ and tongue-in-cheek remarks, EXCUSED is everything one wants in a dating show, with a side helping of rejection. With each episode the show follows a new group of men competing for the affections of two women or vice versa. Based on first impressions and intimate dates, Shlesinger guides the contestants as they systematically eliminate the group down to the final four which is then brought down to two remaining suitors.

Out of these two, the contestants will then decide which of the two suitors will go on a one-on-one date with each of the contestants while the other will be EXCUSED. The final man standing then has the opportunity to select the woman he wants to date. Ultimately, one final couple has the chance for love but at this stage too, comes a twist called The Courtyard.

The final contestant chosen by the suitor is given the choice to culminate the relationship by meeting their suitor in the courtyard of the house. Related Items. Dec 08, Scroll for more. NewsLetter Subscribed!

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By Rick Gonzales 1 week ago. The original Stargate movie premiered way back in and starred the likes of Kurt Russell and James Spader. There was also a web series titled Stargate Origins and even an animated series Stargate Infinity. With all this Stargate at our fingertips , and a dedicated fanbase hungry for more, are we getting it? The original Stargate movie was the story of scientists discovering a an ancient ring buried in the desert.

Excused was a short-lived, reality-based syndicated dating competition series where singles looking for love try to win dates before being eliminated from.

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Where did you find this guy—the DMV? Just the for it. Girls are turned off by that. If a guy is just genuine and honest, girls gravitate towards that, and girls love it excused you open up. The show is totally about first impressions, but also second impressions.

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Skip to Main Content. Reasons for Being Excused from Jury Service Reasons for Being Excused – What if I cannot serve You can only be excused from jury duty for: Any reason deemed sufficient by the court Medical reasons Public necessity Undue hardship Dependent care Student Status Military conflict Medical Excuses You need to submit a letter from your healthcare provider stating due to a medical condition you are unable to serve at this time.

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Comedian Sam Stewart on”Excused”