Anyone else feel like Pre Sequel is underrated?

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Tales but since there isn’t a whole lot to talk about thought we could talk about this. Anyway yeah, I feel like it was. I don’t think it has anything on Borderlands 2 but overall it was a fun and interesting game that I really enjoyed throughout. It got a ton of unnecessary hate IMO because of dumb reasons like -. I haven’t bought it yet but I do wanna hear people’s opinions about it doe, I’m on a scale of buying it. There’s no such thing as having enough Jack HandsomeJack :]. Oh, I totally agree!

Borderlands fans get married during Gearbox PAX panel

Lilith is Borderlands’ “Siren” class. She is originally from the planet Dionysus and is one of six Sirens , a group of women with unbelievable powers. After the opening of the Vault and the defeat of General Knoxx , Lilith and Roland traveled to Pandora’s moon Elpis on a vacation trip.

By the end of Borderlands 2, the egocentrical man that landed on Pandora a Lilith is one of six Sirens, a group of women with incredible and mysterious powers. Roland and, even if she previously dated Mordecai and then dated Roland.

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Afraid of the impending doom, Marcus has found himself holed up with an unlikely roommate Help Marcus find some food before he goes crazy, too. Afraid of Col. Hector and his Paradise gas, Marcus makes the drastic decision to move in with Crazy Earl into his bunker in the Dahl Abandon. There is only one problem

and I were married on February 29th, , after seven years of dating. I was so inspired by Lilith, I began dipping my toe into cosplaying as her and modeled my asymmetrical haircut after hers. elisa cosplay. Roland had guns. and delight when our accidental ‘ship became canon in Borderlands 2!

Master list. Originally posted by doomguide. Ahhh this is an interesting ask! Thank you! Major Spoilers for the fate of a character from Borderlands 3 included, so read at your own risk! Some non canon moments have been added too. Moving into new Pandora territory because of the damn Calypso twins was annoying to say the least. You barely escaped with your life that day. I was getting lonely all by myself!

You meet Lilith a while later, even if you have to rescue a robot and claim a COV Base as your own temporarily. That woman is no joke, and with the way her eyes sparkle, you know she means business.

Why Lilith is the best Borderlands hero

As an eridium-fueled Siren in the Borderlands games, Lilith wields deadly abilities—but bears a heavy burden. When it came time to take the original cast and turn them into story characters, that meant retro-fitting each with a sense of self. When you transition them to NPC status, you have to backfill those gaps in ways that are both rewarding and not jarring to the people who played as them. You have to find the throughlines.

Plus it was Moxxie who hired Lilith and Roland to stop Jack. People believe Jack would would have done great things, No I don’t see that at all.

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Modern_Death — Dating Lilith Headcanon

Borderlands- Lilith x Male! Reader x Moxxi You leaned heavily on Moxxi as she helped you walk through the streets of Sanctuary and to your home. She fished her spare key from her pocket You’d given her one when you asked her to check up on your place while you were off on a mission and unlocked the door. She helped you inside and weaved her way to your room, laying you gently on the bed before going back and closing the front door.

Sep 14, – Borderlands The Handsome Collection, borderlands 3 Characters​, Lilith plays a noticeable role as NPC in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

In 6 days’ time, Borderlands 3 fans will be treated to the official reveal of the next story DLC. Gearbox is currently slated to show it off at PAX East on February 27, , and while fans are eager for confirmation, rumors and leaks have been as rampant as ever. Perhaps the biggest rumor at this point is that the story dlc is titled Bar Man and the Second Stars , but before moving forward, it’s worth highlighting that this is, indeed, just a rumor.

All information here should be taken with the proper grain of salt, as this could be cut content or any number of things besides story DLC. Reportedly, this Borderlands 3 DLC will take place on an asteroid and involve players helping a bartender rescue his some from the Second Stars, who have suspicious cult-like beliefs. There’s trials involving setting themselves on fire, and it turns out that the Second Stars is led by a Vault Hunter.

Saving him for last, here’s why Axton is the logical choice. During the events of Borderlands 2 , Roland dies, leaving Brick and Mordecai all but attached to the hip of Tiny Tina who is not so tiny any more. With them working with her, it’s easy to say they’re not leading a cult on their own. This just leaves Lilith, who based on the ending of Borderlands 3 , probably won’t appear, but more on that later.

Based on the events of Borderlands 3 , Maya and Zero are simple enough to rule out.

Every Borderlands Character You Need To Know Before Borderlands 3

From psychos to vault hunting murderers to…more psychos I guess. Connect with us. Take This Quiz to Find Out! Which brand of gun helps you to be more efficient in your Skag slaying? The thought of which location makes you feel warm and cozy inside?

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor. HEY GUYS! Borderlands is a lit game I suggest you play it dt tagged #lilith #thefirehawk. 1 months Pros to dating as a cosplay couple? Doing shippy “First i met Mordecai then I met Brick and Roland we were the best Roland..​died..”.

Gearbox really is spoiling us. Having played it myself, let me tell you that it is a fairly hefty beast of extra content for Borderlands 2 , especially considering you can get it for zero money. Return to the world of Pandora and you’ll find that a former Dahl commander named Hector has invaded Sanctuary with his twisting vines and rampant plant life in an attempt to claim Pandora as a “paradise” for his soldiers, so it’s down to you to shoot down his Pandora army and the plant-infected bandits at his beck and call, and reclaim Sanctuary.

But there’s much more to the DLC than that. Here are all the ways Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary prepares us for Borderlands 3 , but obviously spoilers for the DLC follow, although I’ve stayed away from main story details apart from the last two points. So don’t read any further if you haven’t played it. That’s your final warning, alright? Scroll below the picture of Flak if you’re ok with spoilers. In the Borderlands teaser trailer we got months ago, a brief part of it showed Tiny Tina high-fiving Brick and Mordecai, plus in the full Borderlands 3 trailer the trio were shown happily jivin’ together.

borderlands 1 is in here too

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But after finishing about half of the base game, we forgot the game a bit when we both gifted each-other a different Nintendo console for Christmas that year. We finally returned during spring of , and have been fighting our way across the Borderlands on a regular basis since then. In fact, if we had not played Tales From The Borderlands, I think it would have been difficult for me to get Renate to join me for a first person shooter.

But Tales From The Borderlands made us fall in love with Pandora, the lawless wasteland of a planet where the majority of these games take place. Four of these were in the base game, with the two others coming in later as downloadable content. I decided to go with the calm and collected sniper assassin Zer0, whereas Renate went with the close combat psychotic slaughterhouse known as Krieg. We would deal a huge amount of damage to our enemies, but in the early game we were very vulnerable to damage ourselves.

So we would constantly fall down from the pain, having to be helped up by the other person. As mentioned, Borderlands 2 takes place on Pandora. It is a planet filled with ruthless mercenaries, tribal psychopaths, murderous monstrosities, and greedy power-hungry weapons manufacturing companies. These ancient alien Vaults are rumored to be filled with valuable and powerful alien weaponry.

The opening of a Vault in the first Borderlands game even caused the discovery of a whole new element called Eridium, named after the Eridians, the lost alien civilization that created the Vaults. From a story-telling perspective, Eridium is a lot like Uranium.

Borderlands||Lilith x M!Reader x Moxxi {2/5}

On Sunday I met an incredible group of cosplayers!! Photography by the incredibly dedicated [ Tom Bridle Photo ]! Torgue is me! I played Tales first, then started The Pre-sequel, and after the opening I legitimately thought Brick and Mordecai were dating and was shocked when I played Borderlands 2 that that was not the case.

Borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating services, Borderlands 2 guy doing s moment glitch.

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We barely had time to sit down to a meal together, much less game together. If we were on the same console, it was often couch co-op with our friends. Every aspect of our lives involved our separation. Regular life was already keeping us apart, gaming should help with that problem, not continue the trend. We had to find a solution, and that solution was A quick note: I wrote this while sitting with my husband on the couch, so I was able to ask him about his feelings as I went.

His answers are shown in italics. Honey, how did we even hear about Borderlands in the first place? We were walking around GameStop looking for a game we could play together on the same TV.

What’s the deal between Lilith and Roland (Spoilers?)

Borderlands 3 is rapidly approaching, and there is a lot to catch up on. Here is everything and everyone you need to know going into Borderlands 3. The planet of Pandora holds a legendary secret: A Vault supposedly filled with treasures and riches untold. The Dahl Corporation was attempting to search for the Vault, only to suddenly give up and leave its employees stranded on the planet.

“You’re the Roland to my Lilith and there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with.” News by Jeffrey Matulef, At the time the couple had only been dating a week. As such, they credit wedding than here?” Borderlands 2 review.

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Borderlands 2 Short Film – Lilith’s Flirting Skills